JE REFPoM : Death in migratory context – Audran Aulanier & Ariane Zevaco – 5 juillet 2022

Workshop “Death in migratory context. Methodologies, funeral services, vulnerabilities.”  Mardi 5 juillet 2022 – Campus Condorcet à Aubervilliers 


The REFPoM project (“Circulating the dead. Post-socialist funeral rituals and economies in a migratory context”), funded since 2018 by the National Agency for Research, aimed to explore two lines of research on the treatment of death in migration in the post-Soviet space. The first approach aimed to study funeral rituals as a place where the boundaries between the formal and informal economy and the power relations between community and institution are played out. A second approach was interested in how death in migration affects the construction of family memory and relations to political institutions, especially in a context of weak institutional involvement on this issue.

In addition, this project assumed that the post-Soviet space conveys specific features: the colonial and Soviet history, the central role of Russia as a destination country for regional migration, a relatively easy border crossing that contrasts with the great administrative complexity of the arrival in Russia, and the informal nature that characterizes the highly profit- oriented Russian funeral sector. These were all factors likely to affect in a similar way how people in migration deal with death and mourning situations. Still, despite a number of shared features, we were able to observe significant differences depending on the origin of the migrants, due for example to the political and diplomatic relations between the countries of departure and arrival, or to the level of structuring of village organizations in the country of arrival.

With this workshop, the members of the REFPoM project want to share the results of the four years of research, and to open their work to discussion as well as to geographical and methodological comparison. In order to enrich the reflection and to outline future research avenues, the workshop will be structured by three sessions:

– The first will address methodological issues in the investigation and dissemination of research on death and risk in migration situations

– The second will focus on the emergence of a sphere dedicated to the production and distribution of specialised funeral goods and services.

– The third will address the manufacture of vulnerabilities at work in a context of migration.

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